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We are Perth & Fremantle’s leading buyers agency.  We are qualified buyers agent: REIWA Real Estate License: RA82899 – who handle multiple millions in real estate transactions every year for our clients. But on top of this we also walk-the-walk ourselves…

Over the past 15 years we have personally…

Our personal story...

Anna and Stirling’s story is of family, adventure, and a passion for real estate.

Having first met as childhood sweethearts, Anna and Stirling’s first love was one for adventure. As a young couple, Anna and Stirling set off to explore the world together, backpacking through over 112 countries (and counting). They spent time understanding people, culture and community.
It’s through these early years Stirling and Anna developed a greater understanding and empathy for all people, no matter their backgrounds.

After returning from 4 years of travelling the globe, Stirling and Anna Quintal quickly fell back into the corporate world. Due to their experiences, and vibrant personalities they both built careers in sales. Quickly moving to the top of their fields and moving into high-level management roles.

While they both liked their jobs, their real passion was for buying real estate. They spent their weekends inspecting and researching the local property markets. Always on the hunt for their next real estate project.

Both Anna and Stirling are seasoned negotiators – in fact, friends of theirs swear “they’ve never paid full price for anything in their lives”. So, when a deal was there to be struck, they moved swiftly and always walked away with a favourable deal.

It was not too long before, their friends and family were enlisting the services of these two, to help find and negotiate the purchase of their homes.

Over the next 10 years, while raising their two young boys, this power duo bought, renovated and sold multiple properties across Perth and Fremantle. They have seen everything the Perth property market can throw at buyers over the years. With the highest market highs and the lowest lows, this couple truly understands the local markets intimately.

After almost 10 years of buying real estate for themselves, friends and family. Anna & Stirling decided it was time to jump into real estate full time and pursue their passion full time. They decided to quit their corporate jobs and created Perth Buyers Agents. Since then Anna and Stirling have worked with hundreds of buyers both overseas ex-pats and locals to help them navigate buying their dream property in the Perth and Fremantle market

Our Buyers Agency Team

Meet Jaqueline.

We are fortunate to have our good friend Jacqueline Dwyer , who owns of one of Australia’s leading buyer agencies Savvy Fox,  Buyers Agent in Gold Coast. On our team as our strategic advisor.  Jacqueline is a nationally accredited and fully licenced property valuer. She has over 20+ years of real estate experience and is a national award winning agent. 

Meet Marcus.

Marcus helps with all our operations, research and technical support. He’s the guy who we turn to when our “emails are not working”. Marcus manages all our digital marketing and website design. 

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